I'm Shayanne

Multidisciplinary Strategic Business Partner in Costa Mesa, CA.

I offer a range of services, from investment and fundraising analysis to translating customer insights into actionable product roadmaps and local government support, all aimed at helping your projects, businesses, or campaigns thrive.

With an unwavering work ethic and a fresh perspective, I consistently deliver significant value to teams and companies of all sizes through my diverse skill set.

Shayanne Wright | Business Strategy & Venture Capital Consultant in Costa Mesa, CA
  • CEO & Co-Founder, Office Otter (2020-Current)

    CEO & Co-Founder, Travel Left (2017-2020)

  • Skills: Product Management, Operations, Customer Success

Finance & Venture Capital
  • Entrepreneur in Residence, 1517 Fund & Women’s Startup Lab (2021- Current)

  • Founder Due Diligence & Workshops (2021-Current)

  • CFO @ Basketcase Gallery (2021-Current)

  • Skills: Financial Strategy, Bookkeeping, and Compliance

Fundraising Consulting
  • Early-Stage Startups & Nonprofits (2022-Current)
  • Skills: Storytelling, Lead Generation, Negotiation
Local Government
  • City of Costa Mesa Parks and Community Services Commissioner (2023 - Current)

  • Campaign Management and Digital Marketing Consulting (2023 - Current)

  • Candidate for Mesa Water Board in 2022 Election (2022)

  • Senior Product Management Certificate (2023)

  • Emerge Candidate Graduate (2022)
  • Techstars Accelerator Graduate (2020)

  • International Business & Computer Science, Azusa Pacific University (2015)

Shayanne Wright | Business Strategy & Venture Capital Consultant in Costa Mesa, CA

Investment Strategy & Analysis

I work with venture capital firms and investment groups to handle deal flow, identify founders and companies that align with their investment thesis, conduct research, and navigate the due diligence process. 

Fundraising, irrespective of its nature, hinges on compelling storytelling. I guide the entire process, from creating lead lists and crafting introduction strategies to negotiating terms and executing fundraising campaigns flawlessly.

Real Results

Advised hundreds of founders, securing over $3 million in funding for early-stage startups and nonprofits.

Product Management & Customer Success

I excel in translating customer insights, whether they pertain to new features, growth initiatives, or untapped customer segments, into actionable product roadmaps.

I collaborate seamlessly with design and engineering teams to transform ideas into successful, customer-centric products.

Real Results

Launched products with an 85% daily active user rate and boosted user engagement by 23% through strategic feature enhancements.

Shayanne Wright | Business Strategy & Venture Capital Consultant in Costa Mesa, CA
Shayanne Wright | Business Strategy & Venture Capital Consultant in Costa Mesa, CA

Finance and Operations Strategist

From managing financial runway and burn rate to handling bookkeeping, tax strategies, and entity creation, I ensure the financial health of your business while creating summaries and strategies that are easy to understand.

My expertise extends to overseeing project logistics, recruitment, customer and account management, goal setting, and performance measurement.

Real Results

Streamlined financial processes, saving time and reducing tax liability by 8%, while restructuring budgets to increase profit margins by over 12%—resulting in savings exceeding $500,000.

Local Government

My specialization in local government revolves around ushering effective leaders into public service. This includes managing campaigns, devising digital marketing strategies, and translating these efforts into tangible results in areas like active transportation, public education, and enhanced public engagement.

Real Results

In 2022, I ran for a local government seat with broad support, including endorsements from Congresswoman Katie Porter, State Senator Dave Min, and key grassroots organizations. Now, I serve as the youngest female Commissioner in Orange County.

Shayanne Wright | Business Strategy & Venture Capital Consultant in Costa Mesa, CA

My Approach

I’m here to work alongside you and your team, leveraging my expertise to drive your projects, businesses, or campaigns to greater heights. 


Problem Identification and System Assessment

We'll begin by comprehensively understanding the problem or the system in need of enhancement. 


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition

Next, I work closely with you to pinpoint the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will define success for the project. These KPIs serve as our compass throughout the process.


Collaboration and Execution

This collaborative phase involves ideation, planning, and the execution of the solution. I always ensure that all stakeholders are actively engaged throughout this process and feel confident in my proposed solutions.


Delivery and Ongoing Maintenance

Once the solution is implemented, my commitment continues. I oversee the delivery and maintenance of the solution to ensure it not only meets but continues to exceed expectations.

How I Can Help

Are you an investor, business owner, or political candidate…

  • Wishing for a perceptive business partner with a knack for early-stage founders, deal flow management, and due diligence?
  • Seeking creative ways to boost retention rates?
  • Wishing to experiment with innovative growth strategies for your product?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by financial management for your business?
  • Dreading the fundraising process for your business and seeking expert guidance?
  • Dreaming of streamlined operational processes for your department, project, or team?
  • Preparing for a political campaign and requiring expert assistance in managing your candidacy?


Shayanne Wright | Business Strategy & Venture Capital Consultant in Costa Mesa, CA